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The Laboratory of Enigineering Mechanics (ETEM) of AUTh can contribute to the following applications:


  • Surface characterization at the microscale and nanoscale: The Laboratory is equipped with an optical (LEICA DM2500 M) as well as a confocal (LEICA DCM8) microscope for measuring surface roughness at teh microscale. It is also equipped with an Atomic Force Microscope (VEECO Multimode IIID) for surface roughness measurement at the nanoscale.
  • Non-destructive testing for elastic properties: The Laboratory is equipped with a nanoindenter (CSM Nanoindentation Tester/NHT) as well as an ultra-nanoindenter (Agilent G200) for performing nanoindentation measurement for elastic properties (Young's Modulus, Hardness) calculation from non-destructive surface testing.
  • Tensile testing at the microscale: The Laboratory is equipped with a Microtensile Tester (Agilent UTM150) for performing tensile measurements on specimens with diameters at the micron range (microwires).
  • Material preparation for electron-microscopy/Metal coatings:The Laboratory is equipped with a Sputter Coater (LEICA EM ACE600) for preparing specimens for SEM/TEM measurements by coating non-conductive specimens with metals.



VEECO Multimode IIIDVEECO Multimode IIID

Agilent G200Agilent G200

Agilent UTM150Agilent UTM150